Travellers' Club Finland 10 års Jubileum

Trampsjefen har vært i Finland og representert klubben i Travellersclub Finland 75 års jubileum. Han holdt en tale og overakk gave fra oss i Oslo. Les talen Alan holdt her. ------

Mr. Chairman, Ladies, And distinguished members of Travellers’ Club Finland. !! Onnittelut vuosipäivän johdosta !! Congratulations on your anniversary. I am very happy to be here this evening as the representative of Travellers’ Club Oslo. I bring with me greetings and warmest congratulations from our Board and all our members. Although TC Oslo recently celebrated our 75th anniversary, I have personally only been a member for 10 years and feel therefore that I have a least one thing in common with your club.

The year 1994 in Finnish history was dominated by two events. The national referendum voted that Finland should enter the Common Market, (I hope this was a decision that you have not regretted!) and The formation of you club, the very reason we are here in a festive mood tonight. Clubs such as ours are built on tradition. And tradition takes time. Although 10 years at first glance may not seem like such a long time, it is an important milestone in the evolution of your club. Good, long lasting traditions are the results of willpower, friendships, planning and setting high and achievable targets. Tradition can also be created by ambition. Our motto in Oslo is “100 years and 100 more” I have no doubts that you, with your exceptional powers of “ sisu” will succeed in making Travellers’ Club of Finland exactly what you want it to be. Talking of tradition I would like to take you back to 1928. This is the year TC Oslo was founded and our founding members stipulated the following criteria for membership. The candidate must have lived outside Norway for at least 1 year, be involved in work or other type of engagement that was not related to his normal profession, and without economic or other support from home. The protocol of that meeting refers to a debate as to whether “time in jail” could be counted as a foreign engagement. It takes all types to make a club such as ours!

I bring with me gifts from TC Oslo, a Pewter platter suitably engraved to celebrate this special occasion. We also have the pleasure of donating 2 books to your library. The first is our 75th anniversary publication “Alltid Underveis”. The other, “Rett Øst” is a personal gift from our member Thor Haraldsen who successfully cycled 12500 km. from Oslo to Beijing in 2000. Both are exciting reading.

Without further ado, I again congratulate you, our Finnish brothers on your 10th anniversary and wish you many many more. Alan Billyeald 16 okt. 2004 Notat: Gaven, en stor tinn fat fra Aksvoll Brug, med gravert hilsen, var mottatt med stor applaus og takknemlighet.


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