Lyst på en eventyrlig tur til Svalbard?

Jeg har tidligere vært på ørnsafari på Smøla med Espen og Audun Dahl. Nå lansere disse gutta en eventyrlig reise konsept på Svalbard.


Liv Arnesen er gudmoren



MS Villa was built-to-order for the Norwegian Coastal Administration. Prior to February 2019, her mission was to service lighthouses and buoys along the rough Norwegian coast. Rugged yet luxurious, MS Villa is the perfect blend of a working vessel and expedition platform.

The bridge on MS Villa is the heart of our operation, featuring modern and reliable electronics and navigational equipment for polar expeditions. The bridge also serves as an excellent vantage point for guides and guests to scout for wildlife, with the large bank of windows providing observers with 180° views.

MS Villa boasts 120m² of above-deck space and 160m² of space below-decks; the 10-ton crane can operate in both areas. This allows for ample storage and protection of sensitive equipment in a dry environment.  As an ice-strengthened ship (ice class B), with an installed ice keel and ice propeller, MS Villa is designed to operate in icy waters.

All guest accommodations are being completely redesigned in 2020 with expedition operations and comfort in mind – the spacious cabins are equipped with multiple 230V electrical sockets for all photography and videography recharging needs.

As expedition professionals, we know that food is an important part of any polar adventure! Our Chef will prepare and serve high-quality meals with global flavours that will please any palate.

Whether it’s an expedition with private clients or a film contract, MS Villa is a very flexible ship. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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